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Hypnosis chat room

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Posted: Dec 25, pm. Posted: Dec 26, am. You're joking, right? Hypnosis isn't some magic power where you say a few words and someone is instantly in a trance! Besides, if you had put someone in a trance in a chatroom, how would you tell?

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Language Patterns, oral and written, will work. People, in chat rooms are led by what they want and the safety of the keyboard might allow them to drop their critical thinking enough for their psyche to be set free in the direction of the fantasy.

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Another way is via Voice Chat, which is no different than doing a hypnosis session over the phone. Whilst I'm an enthusiastic poster to these boards, the best way to hypnotise is to do it to real people, face to face, not hiding behind a keyboard We've hypnosiss heard that introduction to hypnosis. Cheers, Thumper.

Lee Darrow, C.

Someone tried it on me once. Shrink, can you give some more details of exactly what you were able to accomplish online? The very nature of real time chat induces trance.


Many schools of thought think of trance as something that is ongoing. Ben While I agree with you in recommending Yaniv to do a little more research, I must suggest that the power of the written word should not be underestimated. Is that Hypnosis? Hypnosis in online chat rooms is possible in any one of several ways: Post hypnotic suggestion to trigger a trance with ssomeone that you have already hypnotized before.

There is a fellow, Joe Vitale, who rooms to teach "hypnotic writing". Years ago I played around online to learn hypnosis patterns and it is possible to hypnotise on line. While possible, this is very iffy in that it is very difficult to determine if your pacing and leading are in step with your volunteer and to determine chat foom volunteer is charlotte chat rooms or not. This was created sex chat public single fun 0.

Hypnotic chatroom

You're joking, right? Posted: Dec 27, am. It is in fact possible to assist people make positive changes without them realizing that changes are taking place. Rroom New user 62 Posts.

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I mean Peter Regular user Posts. Jonathan Inner circle Oklahoma Posts. As you sit there This is of course quite possible, although hard, too. Hope this helps.

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Lee Darrow V. Albert Einstein. Search chat rooms within the Internet Relay Chat and get informed about their users and topics!

Whenever your senses are turned inwards. David de Leon Elite user Sweden Posts.

Just thinking aloud. I tried it once in a voice chat.

From sorcery. Still another way, though far more difficult and almost impossible to verify, is via text chat only with someone completely new. Been there, done that, had fun chats about done to me.

New irc hypnosis chat room

Posted: Mar 13, am. Posted: Mar 16, am. It is possible to create time distortion, install voices, posthypnotic suggestion even install obsessions. Chat rooms tend to bring that on naturally.